the huddle philosophy

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Our Philosophy: Changing the Culture of Varsity Sport

Many post-secondary students will face a mental health challenge. This can interrupt their studies, affect academic performance and impact their day-to-day lives.

Post-secondary athletes can face similar challenges with added pressures of being both a student and an athlete. They must perform in school and sport, handle finances, plan for the future, and stay connected to friends and family.

Often they struggle to get help because of the stigma surrounding mental health and illness in sports. The expectation to be mentally tough keeps many student-athletes silent and isolated.

SAMHI works to educate Canadians about the vulnerabilities of student-athletes. We aim promote the mental wellbeing of all student-athletes. And we work to support those struggling with a mental health concern or illness.


We say it’s time to #HuddleUp. To create mentally healthy environments, everyone has a part to play. That includes student-athletes, coaches and support staff, universities and colleges, sport and community organizations, and the families and friends of athletes and many others. We are striving to bring all these players together to help student-athletes do their best, in and out of sport.